Madhav Sood | 11 IB

Amara Sood | 9 IGCSE

SNS Gurugram

Meeting ID:

769 9785 6212



Project Titled as -

Meaningful Citizenship

Sarva’s mission is to make music accessible to talented youth, to encourage passions to flourish free of the level of privileges granted by destiny, thereby helping them to enrich their lives. We believe this is one of the ways for societies to become prosperous, peaceful and equitable. 400 million Indian children between 8 to 17 years study in Government-run public schools. They receive ‘rote-learning’ based education, which does not prepare them for the real world. Sarva makes change happen; we create a huge impact in the lives of slum dwelling kids between 8-17 yrs by training & certifying them free of cost in the globally recognised Rockschool (RSL, UK) music curriculum, thereby making them job ready as music professionals. These gainful and well-paying employment opportunities will lead to a Tipping Point in each of their lives as it will extricate them from poverty and set them, their families and their communities on the path to socio-economic independence. Currently, Sarva Foundation mentors 38 under-resourced learners on the Drum Set, Guitar and Indian Vocals. We intend to train 100 learners next year. In 2023, our goal is to train 500 learners in Drum Set, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Tabla and Sitar.