Climate Change

Rehat | 10 Gir

SNS Faridabad

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654 591 0745



Mentor - Bonny

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Meaningful Citizenship


In the past two years, each and every one of us has had to overcome failures, and so many of us have. We have done a lot of things that seemed implausible at the start of 2020, and yet, we found a vaccine, the cases lowered and we managed to control the situation. We knew about covid, researched it, and found a solution. It is easy to defeat an enemy when you know what it is. This is why the issue of climate change is still unresolved.What can be done? Despite knowing so much about it, we give solutions like ‘not drinking from plastic straws’ and ‘switching to plastic bags’ when this point arises. We can do that, but that is not all that can be done. It’s time we start switching from fossil fuels and carbon, to alternative energy resources. Not only are renewable forms of energy waste-free and nontoxic, but they also decrease carbon emissions. I am going to present my research and ideas on this topic, and debate the pros and cons of shifting from conventional fuels to alternative energy resources.