Khushi Soni | 11

Dia Sarin, Anjana Sinha, Ananya Vij

SNS Gurugram

Meeting ID:

988 8965 4498



Project Titled as -

Outstanding Creativity

In literal terms, Izhaar can be translated into ‘expression’ in Urdu. As a student-led art club, it is a platform for students to portray their creations and make themselves comfortable with their art being recognized and acknowledged and provides the students with a spotlight. We must learn to spend time with ourselves, reflect, open, and express our thoughts. Art is a beautiful way to relax and calm our minds. Izhaar is not looking for astonishingly beautiful pieces but, for artwork, that talks about the students and reflects their inner selves. Shiv Nadar School’s vision of providing students with an environment that challenges them into discovering their talents and skills resonated with Izhaar’s mission, it inspires the joy of learning and discovering the artist in oneself by fostering a culture of creativity. Our school has always encouraged students to express themselves through different art forms. The pandemic might lock us in our homes but it cannot lock the bright burst of creativity in us. This is a great opportunity for students to create their own artwork without any restrictions. Visual Arts are not just a subject but also a necessity, it is not just about aesthetics, it is about being able to portray your emotions, your thoughts on a piece of paper, clay, wood, or even digitally. We, the representatives of the student body, would like all students to stay encouraged and let their imaginations run wild.