The Business and Entrepreneurship of Baking

Diya Gupta I 7 Sariska

SNS Noida

Mentor - Meenu Singh

Project Titled as -

Outstanding Collaboration

Diya did her personal project in the line of 'Baking' to work on her baking skills as well as to bring back the flavors senior citizens search for.

She took help of questionnaires, research, on the job trainings, business plans and expert guidance in baking.

Her personal project shines light on an issue senior citizens face- finding their authentic home like flavors.

With this project, she hopes to make them proud and happy with a piece of 'their' cake.


PLP Reflection Journal Diya Gupta 7-Sariska.pdf
Diya Gupta 7-Sariska Business Plan and Entrepreneurship in Baking Presentation.mp4
Personal Project_Self assessment check list_2021-22.pdf