SSDC | Middle & Senior

SNS Faridabad

Mentor - Megha Bohra | Garima Sharma

Project Titled as -

Leader's Choice


With Mars being on the outlook and visitors coming in from Earth the idiom "grass is always greener on the other side" has stopped making sense for us. This time in INSSDC we were challenged to make a settlement on mercury in a Lava tube and had to propose a settlement for manufacturing and researching the materials found there while housing 300 occupants.

We had to depict operations for all the basic yet crucial components of atmosphere regulation, electrical power, food production and waste/water management for our settlement. As working on a contract set for 2087 we had to automate all our operations which made human intervention minimal.

For the 300 individuals, we had to design plans for the workplaces, hubs, residential areas, communities and recreational activities to keep all onboard engaged and make it a priority to ensure that they live up to their expectations.