Jal Tarang

Chahat Ratra | 7 Ranthambore

SNS Gurugram

Mentor - Manoj Kathuria

Project Titled as -

Outstanding Display of STEAM

Outstanding Display of Steam GGN .pptx

As a STEAM activity for grade VII, students were asked to create musical instruments of their choice, using simple material available at home.

The objective was to investigate the properties of sound produced & the effect of different materials used for making the instrument.

The factors like the loudness, pitch, wavelength were to be measured using mobile sensors.

The students have studied the properties of waves as a part of their Physics course.

Chahat designed a JAL TARANG and observed the difference in the loudness & frequencies of sound generated due to different amounts of water in the glasses. She further investigated the quality of sound produced by changing the material of the glasses.