8 Beats

Reva Bharti, Ananya Bindal | 12 IB

Tanya Singh Yogi | 12 Humanities

SNS Gurugram

Meeting ID:

752 0202 7315



Project Titled as -

Outstanding Collaboration

8BEATS is the student-led western dance society of Shiv Nadar School Gurgaon. The society started in September 2020, by its founders- Reva Bharti and Ananya Bindal.

In their words, “ We are a student-led dance society, aimed at providing our dance enthusiasts a platform to express themselves and showcase their talents. The main motivation behind the introduction of the club was to fill the gap of western dance teachers by providing a student-led society where students would come together and aid each other to learn and enhance their dancing skills.

We envisioned a process of growth and peer learning for each and every student who enjoys dancing and built a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable to come and express themselves in their own unique way. We have also participated in competitions, organized workshops, and performed in our school to embed a positive environment and teamwork skills.

Team 8BEATS strongly believes in consistent hard work and practice to achieve one’s goal. We encourage all our members to keep dancing and learning and remember to enjoy this growth path that one takes upon.