Non Communicable Disease

Rishabh Burman | 5 Gir

SNS Faridabad

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939 2555 6078



Mentor - Angeleena

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Outstanding Communication


Today, 1 in 3 people suffer from chronic illnesses – so that means if that is not you, it could be the person to your left or right. If that isn’t shocking enough, research also shows that all of us here today will develop a chronic disease later in our lives.

Dive deeper with me, Rishabh Burman, and understand how we can combat these non-communicable diseases that have led to the GREAT EPIDEMIC of our age. We will uncover the causes for the EPIDEMIOLOGICAL TRANSITION and the secret weapon of self-destruction in our own kitchen! Like all great journeys start with the smallest step, let’s understand the small change that we can make to ensure that we can avoid or at best, delay the onset of the deadly diseases till an immortal serum is finally up for grabs!